Have you noticed a difference between the mileage shown on your scooter dashboard and your app? That is possible! 

There are 3 places where you can find mileage information.

1/ Your scooter dashboard shows the mileage driven by your scooter since it came to this world. 

2/ Look for the ‘Ride Statistics’ in the NIU App. Here as well, the total kilometers driven by your scooter since its very first ride ever is displayed at the top of the page. This should of course be the same as the number shown on the scooter dashboard.

3/ The mileage shown under ‘Distance completed’ in the tab ‘Me’ in the NIU App can be different from the number seen from the above two points. This total is the total distance driven by your scooter(s) connected to your account in the NIU App. Did you drive 100km with your scooter before connecting your account in the NIU App? Then your scooter dashboard will show 120km and your ‘Distance completed’ will show 20km. 

If you have more than 1 NIU scooter connected in the app, it will count all kilometers of all connected scooters.