When you receive your kick scooter, the speed is limited. It won’t run the speed set to the scooter right away. So you have to activate it first before you get the normal riding speed.

After the kick scooter is connected to the NIU App, you have to activate your kick scooter so you can reach the top speed set for your scooter.


Please follow the steps below:

  1. You will be prompted to watch a tutorial video.

  2. Be guided through a 2 km tutorial ride. During this tutorial ride, the speed of the kick scooter is limited.

  3. When the tutorial ride is complete, the kick scooter will give an audible prompt.

  4. Reset the thumb throttle and press it again, you can enter the normal riding mode.

Below is a screenshot of what your NIU App should look like when you have successfully activated your kick scooter.


If the speed is still limited after going through this procedure, the app may prompt you to watch the tutorial again. If you fail to unlock the speed, please send an email to Global-Service@niu.com. Please include your scooter details, SN or VIN (starts with 199–), and screenshots of your app showing the problem so we can check.