One of the best features that kick scooters have is the power to connect your KQi3 to your smartphone. With the NIU App, you can lock the KQi3 with peace of mind, check your riding statistics, or even customize your speed for a truly smart solution.

The App and the kick scooters are connected via Bluetooth. When turning the scooter on, the Bluetooth indicator will flash.


Open the NIU App on your smartphone, register, and follow these steps:

  1. Select Me from the App.

  2. Look for Device Binding

  3. Select Bind with Bluetooth

  4. Follow the instructions in the App. 

You will know when your scooter is connected to the NIU App when you see your app like in the picture below:

Now that you have connected yourKQi3 to the NIU App, it’s time to activate your scooter


In case you encounter some problems connecting your kick scooter to the app like these:

  1. Your NIU App cannot detect your kickscooter

  2. You’re unable to bind the scooter because it was previously connected to the app,


You may send an email to

Please include your scooter details, SN or VIN (starts with 199–), proof of purchase, and screenshots of your app showing the problem so we can check.