There will be an instance when you hear a brake disc noise on your kick scooter the first time using it.

Below are the steps you can follow to fix the problem.

Please check the state of the brake disc plate. If it's normal, please follow the steps below:

The first step: Adjust the disc brake caliper.


1. Loosen the two locking screws in the picture, about 3-5 turns, to ensure that the disc brake caliper is loose and does not come off.

The second step: adjust the brake


2.1. Pinch the corresponding right brake handle in step 1 to ensure that the disc brake pads are fastened to the brake plate.

2.2. In the state of holding the brake handle, tighten the two loose locking screws, the locking torque is 4.5nm, and the adjustment of the disc brake is completed.

2.3. Rotate the front hub to check if there is any noise.

If it still doesn’t work, please submit the form that can be filled out online.

Our after-sales team will get in touch with you with the instructions.